Talk n Text Promo 2015 - 2016

Greetings tropang texters many people now use talk n text simcards because they know how affordable list of promos of talk n text so if your tired to find the complete list of talk n text promo here are the list of categories

You can find the list of talk n text promos 2013 - 2014 on the following links enjoy guys and grab your mobile and Register Now!!!

Talk n text Internet mobile Promos – Free Social

To all talk n text subscribers do you want to log in your Facebook and Twitter anytime, anywhere?
This Talk n Text internet mobile promo is for you now you can log in to your Facebook, twitter, foursquare, Google plus, LinkedIn and Path For FREE!!

Text Free <SPACE> SOCIAL TO 5555

Promo duration extended to March 31, 2014. So what are you waiting for? Text Now!

Talk n text Promos 2015 – Gaan Txt 10 and Gaan Txt 20

Good day Tropang Texters I just received another promo coming from talk n text, they add another features on this promo like you can send 10 SMS to all networks. Now you don’t need to worry if ever you have a friends on Globe,Sun,TM, you can send them your SMS not just once but 10 times!!! So what are we waiting for? Let’s try this affordable promo of talk n text this 2014. Anyway here are the instructions on how to avail this promo

For Gaan txt 10
100SMS/MMS to Tnt/Smart
10 SMS to All networks
Valid for 1 day

Text GT10 and send to 8855

For Gaan txt 20
200 texts to All Networks
Valid for 2 days

Text GT20 to 4545

Talk n Text promo unlimited text to all AP20

Good day tropang texters  I just want to share to you the old promo of talk n text the AP20 most of my friends are Globe or TM and they recruit me to use Globe, but I told them I will stick to talk n text, because talk n text promo’s is better than other networks. Then I told them that I can text them even I’m using talk n text simcard. So for those tropang texters have friends to other networks this is the best and affordable old talk n text Promo I can suggest to you.  Here are the details of Talk n Text AP20

-Unlimited Text to all networks
-Unlimited Call from 10pm to 10am
                                   12pm to 6pm
-Valid for 1 day

TEXT AP20 to 4545

So guys what are we waiting for? Register Now!!

Do you want to talk to your love ones for 4 days? Register to this Promo Talk n Text Call Promo Sangkatutok 30

List of all talk n text call promo

Good day tropang texters i received a text from smart that they have now a new  affordable offers and all tropang texter can avail this promo.Talk n text call promo will be available this 2014 until 2015. i tried and tested this promo and my rate for this talk n text call promo is 4stars, so grab your mobile now and try this affordable promo.
P.S This promo available only on Smart and talk n text Subscribers

Katok at text 25

Unlimited call for 2 Users
Unlimited Call and text
Valid for 1 day

Text KT25 to 4545

Unlimited Talk Plus 20

Unlimited calls  to TNT/SMART
(10pm to 5pm)
Unlimited Text  to TNT/SMART
Valid for 1 day

Text U30 to 4545

For the List of All Talk n Text call promo click here

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